Keynote Speakers

Akram Youssef Yasser is Professor Dr. in the Al-Hilla University College

Educational attainment:


1. Doctorate in Medical Histology, University of Dublin, Ireland, 1987.

2. Master’s degree in anatomy and histology / University of Baghdad 1978

3. Bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine and surgery, University of Baghdad, 1976


Functional service:
1. Assistant lecturer at the University of Mosul from 1980-1987
2. Lecturer, University of Mosul, 1987-1992
3. Assistant Professor\University of Mosul\1992-1995
4. Assistant Professor\Faculty of Dentistry\Arab Medical University\Benghazi, Libya\1995-2006
5. Associate Professor in Oral Histology\Faculty of Dentistry\Garyounis University\Benghazi Libya\2006-2010
6. Professor of Oral Histology\College of Dentistry\University of Benghazi, Libya\2011
7. Professor\College of Dentistry\University of Karbala\2011- until now

Teaching experience:

  1. Teaching medical histology, oral tissue, and medical embryology to students of primary studies in the colleges of medicine and dentistry at the University of Mosul, the Arab Medical University / Benghazi, the University of Qaryounis / Benghazi, the University of Babylon and the University of Karbala.
  2. Giving specialized lectures on medical tissues, oral tissues, medical embryology, and histological technology to postgraduate students (Master’s and PhD) in the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry at Garyounis University (Benghazi – Libya) and the Department of Life Sciences in the College of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Karbala.

Research experience:

  • Preparing histological slides with routine and special stains for the purpose of practical lessons and research
  • Preparing slides for use in the electron microscope.
  • Responding to scientific research consultations for postgraduate students in the field of specialization.

Graduate Studies:

  • Postgraduate students (master’s (9) and doctoral (2)) were supervised.
  • Examiner for postgraduate students (Master’s and PhD (19)) since 1988 until now at the universities of Mosul, Karbala, Baghdad, Babylon, Kufa, Al-Qadisiyah, and Dhi Qar.
  • Member of the comprehensive examination committees for doctoral students at the universities of Karbala, Al-Qadisiyah, and Kufa (7 numbers).
  • Member of the committees discussing the research plan for doctoral students at the University of Karbala, Al-Qadisiyah, and Kufa (number 6).

Date of birth: 7/1/1953

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